Regeneration for tomorrow’s generation

The story behind the 204 Walcott development

Who doesn’t love an upgrade?

Whether it’s moving from economy to business class on a long-haul flight, or adding a new set of rims to your beloved Mini Cooper, or getting the latest watch that notifies you when it’s time to stand up and go for a walk – wherever possible, we enjoy the process of upgrading or updating parts of our lives to bring about comfort, convenience, quality and progress.

This is a mindset commonly held by property developers, who seek to invest their knowledge, skills and experience to upgrade and update land and property, in a way that brings about positive change, opportunity and improved living standards. Such is the case for the developers of 204 Walcott, Griffin Group, who took on the project as a way of upgrading the pre-existing site with a fresh new look, focused on engaging the Menora community.

Engaging the community

Having purchased the lot in 2016, Griffin embarked on a journey to bring a much-needed update to the asbestos-ridden corner deli site that had been in the area for decades. Whilst an iconic part of the area, it was definitely time to introduce a new local coffee shop, commercial office space and residential apartments to the Menora area, providing a place for the community to come together on the famous Walcott Street strip.

Menora and its surrounding suburbs are steeped in history, with residents proud of their local treasures and unique lifestyle. As a result, the development’s Art-Deco design was personally chosen by the owner of Griffin Group, Greg Devine, who lived as a local resident for over a decade, with a true sense of understanding for Menora’s architectural preferences and sensitivities.


Regeneration for tomorrow’s generation

If you dig through the Menora property archives, you’ll find the original naming of the suburb (in 1954) was influenced by the location of the Menora Gardens Picture Theatre an iconic Art Deco style building treasured by locals. A style consistent with the upcoming 204 Walcott development. A style true to the suburb’s roots. A style succeeded by Griffin Group.

Photo courtesy of Bill Turner – 1981

New opportunities

With the site not requiring pre-sales, local residents can be sure the development will not lay stagnant, with all 6 commercial apartments promptly selling out, indicating future job opportunities and business ventures for the area. The residential apartments have been priced to become affordable housing options for the younger generation, who are increasingly preferring apartment-style living, with minimal property maintenance, close proximity to the Perth CBD, great views and fantastic local amenities and lifestyle.

A growing trend

Whilst houses, duplexes, villas and town homes account for 70-75% of all Menora housing types (source: REIWA) the introduction of apartments adds an affordable option to those wanting to secure property in this highly sought after area. Whilst not everyone’s cup of tea, apartment living is widely regarded as the future of Perth living, as the population continues to grow, with urban sprawl creating high competition for inner and outer city living.


Regeneration for tomorrow’s generation

As with all developments, there were some challenges in the build. Due to the block having a road widening easement in place by Main Roads WA, the heritage of the site was unable to be fully maintained.

For example, the 204 Walcott balcony designs were required to be detachable, providing for future road widening possibilities should they arise. However, the developers worked hard to repurpose parts of the building, including the floorboards, to preserve the legacy of the original site and maintain the area’s patrimony wherever possible.

Minimal strata fees

Sensitive to the local Menora skyline, it was also decided to limit the build to a maximum of 3 storeys to ensure minimal impact to the look and feel of the area. The Griffin team also worked hard to ensure strata fees were kept to a minimum through carefully strategised design, amenities and service offerings. With no on-site pool or gym facilities, for example, the maintenance of the building will be kept simple, making the site more affordable for those in search of the Menora lifestyle without expensive strata fees to match.

The time is now

With the site situated on the main road of Walcott Street, passing traffic will soon be treated to a new, modern, culturally designed development, in place of a previously run down part of the suburb. It is this kind of regeneration project that sees Perth take steps towards a brighter, cleaner and more community engaged future.

With residential apartments now selling fast, this truly is a great time to secure your future lifestyle in the highly sought after suburb of Menora. We welcome you to contact our sales team to find out more today!