The Soft Launch

Welcoming the Menora community

With rain clouds looming and a meandering Winter’s wind sweeping across the vacant lot, a crowd gathered on the site of 204 Walcott Street to welcome Griffin Project Group’s latest property project into the Menora community.

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Coffees, parklands and a touch of theatre

Suburb profile: Menora

Imagine being able to go for a morning stroll through one of Perth’s leafiest suburbs, stopping for a latte in a café that everyone is chattering about on social media, spending the afternoon doing laps in a world-class pool, then finishing the day off with a live show and dinner at a first-class restaurant – all without once stepping into your car.

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Regeneration for tomorrow’s generation

The story behind the 204 Walcott development

Whether it moving from business to economy class on a long haul flight, or adding a new set of rims on your beloved Mini Cooper, or getting the latest watch that notifies you when it’s time to stand up and go for a walk. Wherever possible, we enjoy the process of upgrading or updating parts of our lives to bring about comfort, convenience, quality and progress.

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